Washfountain Bowls Material Series – Terrazzo

Tony Beuche —  09/07/2012 — 1 Comment

This post is the first of a 4 part series on our Washfountain bowl materials. Each Friday throughout September we’ll be featuring a particular material and explaining what makes it special and why you might choose it over other available options.

Week 1: Terrazzo

Terrazzo WashfountainTerrazzo is a combination of crushed limestone and Portland cement.  It is the most expensive material Bradley offers and is often chosen for its beauty.  The weight (800 lbs for a 54” circle) and monolithic look deter vandalism.  The bowl finish does require some maintenance.  As long as the finish is maintained the bowls are stain resistant.  Abrasive cleaners cannot be used as they will remove the polyurethane finish that protects the bowl.  Terrazzo is most often used in manufacturing facilities and schools.

Stay tuned for info about the other Washfountain materials Bradley has available!

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    This article, “Washfountain Bowls Material Series – Terrazzo The Washfountain” reveals
    that you know what precisely you are talking about!
    I personally entirely am in agreement. Thanks -Gretchen

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