How Was Your Restroom Experience?

kendallthompson922 —  07/28/2014 — 1 Comment

Bathroom experiences can easily alter one’s view on a restaurant, business or school. According to Bradley’s 2013 Healthy Handwashing Survey, 64% of Americans say they’ll think twice about patronizing a business or will never visit again if the restrooms are less than satisfactory. Since restroom cleanliness is proven to be a large factor in the perception of a business, how do businesses detect and overcome uncleanly restrooms? Point-of-Sale survey kiosks may be the answer. Kiosks, much like the one pictured below, can quickly record and measure patrons’ reactions to their experiences. Usually seen when making a purchase at a store or online, some businesses are beginning to incorporate them into their restrooms. However, there are some positives and negatives to this idea. Positive: real time response to bathroom cleanliness so cleaning crews can act accordingly and keep the restroom presentable. Negative: Reliability of the survey. Will patrons be willing to touch the buttons of the kiosk if the threat of non-handwashers using the kiosk prior to them lingers? These are just a few pros and cons to this new use for POS surveys. Tell us what you think. Could your business or the businesses you patron benefit from such technology?

how was your restroom experience.pdf

One response to How Was Your Restroom Experience?

  1. 07/28/2014 at 3:17 pm

    Interesting idea… I like it.

    How about touchless keys? I have seen and used programs where waving my hand, or getting close but not actually touching, or using a disposable ‘stylus’ negated the need to actually touch a button.

    Michael J. Vickery National Sales Manager – Division 10 Bradley Corporation 262 242 1747 x2191 Direct Dial: 262 236 2191 Cell:262 527 4458

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