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Happy first day of spring everyone! March 20th is the day that everyone begins thinking about spring cleaning. We also get this cheery feeling because of the blossoming flowers and chirping birds. But along with the wonderful sights and sounds of nature, come high levels of pollen, lots of coughing and sneezing. As a part of your spring cleaning this year, include handwashing and encourage your children, co-workers and teachers to do the same.


When I was younger, our teachers always made handwashing fun with colorful soaps, and paper towels with fun designs because the plain old sinks were just not appealing. But now, there are products that can make hand-washing a lot more attractive.

The Bradley Wall-Hung Multi-Founts are offered in many schools and businesses. Thess washfountains has awesome features that both adults and children will love. Especially, the infrared feature, which makes the handwashing process a lot more simple. You just put your hands in the sink and the water will flow out onto your hands. This eliminates water waste and big water puddles everywhere. Not to mention that the Wall-Hung Multi- Founts have liquid soap dispensers, so that the water and soap are close together. And, since there is no manual faucet, you don’t have to worry about collecting germs from a dirty faucet on your freshly cleaned hands.mf2922_highres

Click here for a tutorial on the best hand hygiene practices from the Center for Disease Control.

What are some methods or products that you plan on using to encourage the people around you to wash their hands?


The Washfountain was one of the coolest places for kids to hang out in the 80’s.And plaid was clearly the latest fashion trend. What was your favorite 80’s  trend? Teased hair? Neon colors? I know I was particularly fond my knew high socks. 


Bradley’s Flashback Friday
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How important is your employees’ safety?

Each year, many injuries occur in the workplace. According to the Center of Disease Control and Bureau of Labor Statistics, an estimated 3.9 million workers had an occupational injury or illness in 2010. In the same year, just over 100,000 workers were hospitalized for their injuries. Not only can these injuries have a negative effect on workers’ lives, it can also have a lasting effect on the company and surrounding community.

How can Bradley’s Enclosed Safety Showers help?

Bradley’s Enclosed Safety Showers offer a safety solution for a variety of different environments. Capable of withstanding seismic activity, hurricane-force winds, and highly-corrosive environments, these showers deliver the ultimate protection. No matter what unique environmental conditions exist, Bradley will configure an indoor or outdoor model to suit the application.

Enclosed Safety Shower

Enclosed Safety Shower

ANSI Z358.1 requires that safety systems with multiple drenching platforms be capable of simultaneous activation while delivering tepid water for a duration of 15 minutes. 

For technical information about Bradley’s Enclosed Safety Showers and all other Bradley Emergency Fixtures, see

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Bradley Classic Washfountains: Terreon Classic, Stainless Steel, Terreon TDB

With so many options for hand washing fixtures you have to think about the application. Every day, I get calls from architects and engineers asking for help in deciding what washfountain to use for their project. My first question to them is always, “Where is the product going to be used, and what is the application?” Very often they haven’t really thought about the application. Factors like appearance, space available, ADA compliance, and water conservation are given more consideration than how the fixture will be used. While these other factors are important, the product specified has to consider the user.

WF Handwashing Industrial 3

Terreon Classic

Classic washfountains are designed for heavy-duty hand and arm washing. The deep bowl, full spray ring, and lower bowl rim make it easy to wash up past your elbows while keeping the wash water contained in the bowl. If ADA compliance is required, the Terreon Deep Bowl provides the full spray ring with a bowl and pedestal designed for easy access by a wheel chair user.

The Sentry washfountains are designed for lighter duty hand washing, water and energy conservation, and ADA compliance. The .5 GPM individually controlled spray nozzles reduce water use when just hand washing is required but, while there is enough user space for occasional arm washing, the time required to clean up defeats the purpose of the lower flow rates and frustrates the user.

Author: Arnie Wilke, Sr. Product Applications Manager, Bradley Corporation

Bradley Washfountain Revit Family Models

The Bradley Revit Family Library features 35 washfountain Revit family models.

Bradley Stainless Steel Accessories

Bradley Stainless Steel Accessories

Knowing the facts about stainless steel grades, types, and properties will help in purchasing the right product for the right location.

The element that reduces corrosion and responsible for making stainless steel “stainless” is chromium. At least 10.5% of chromium (Cr) is present in all stainless steel. Other elements like nickel, manganese, and molybdenum are added to create different types of stainless steel.

Each element has unique advantages when added to stainless steel:

  • Chromium (Cr) offers corrosion resistance
  • Nickel (Ni) is easier to form
  • Manganese (Mn) is a nickel substitute
  • Molybdenum (Mo) offers additional corrosion resistance

Stainless Steel Grades:

200 series – Austenitic

These stainless steels contain between 15 – 30% Cr and 2 – 20% Ni. Bradley commonly uses the 201 grade. Some typical applications for 200 series stainless steel include showers, truck trailer frames, hose clamps, cookware, sinks, appliances, automotive trim, and architectural applications.

Alloy compositions of common 200 Series Grades

  • 201: Cr 16 – 18%, Ni 3.5 – 5.5%, Mn 5.5 – 7.5%

300 series – Austenitic

This series of stainless contain the same range of chromium and nickel as the 200 series. Some commonly used grades are 301, 304, and 316. All of 300 series stainless steel are typically used for chemical equipment, food equipment, security fixtures, showers, and other architectural applications. 316 is used where severe corrosion exists; marine environments and chemical plants.

Alloy compositions of common 300 Series Grades

  • 301: Cr 16 – 18%, Ni 6 – 8% , Mn 2% 
  • 304: Cr 18 – 20%, Ni 8 – 10.5%, Mn 2% . 
  • 316: Cr 16 – 18%, Ni 10 – 14%,  Mn 2%, Mo 2 – 3%
Bradley Stainless Steel Shower

Bradley Stainless Steel Shower

400 series – Ferritic

These metals contain between 10.5 – 20% chromium. Unlike the 200 and 300 series, 400 series are magnetic. Some typical applications include interior use, fasteners, cooking utensils, appliance trim, sinks, automotive emission control exhaust systems.

Alloy compositions of common 400 Series Grades

  • 430: Cr 16 – 18%, N i0.75%, Mn 1%


Additional sources: Specialty Steel Industry of North America

What are the best washfountains for schools?


Terreon Multi-fount

The Terreon® Multi-Founts™ are better suited to the school restroom environment than any other washroom fixture. They are easy to maintain, reliable, extremely vandal resistant, and they look good too. There are other fixtures that are suitable for school restrooms, but they don’t fit as well, or as universally, as the Terreon Multi-founts.

Terreon and TerreonRE® (25% pre-consumer recycled material and bio-based resin) are stain, scratch, impact resistant and both have GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification and GREENGUARD Children & Schools TM Certification from the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute. The integral bowl and sprayhead are easy to clean because there are no seams to trap dirt and debris. The 24v infrared provides the most reliable infrared control in the plumbing industry. Infrared sensors work by emitting invisible infrared light at a certain frequency and completing the circuit when that light is reflected back to the sensor at the same frequency. There are two reasons the infrared controls in the Multi-Founts are so reliable. First the emitter and sensor are aimed down into the bowl so they are not affected by other infrared sources in the room and will not sense objects outside the bowl area. Second the emitter and sensor are more than an inch apart, further apart than they are on any competitor’s fixture, so the activation area is more precise since the sensor only detects the presence of the user’s hands where it crosses the path of the infrared light being emitted.

The Terreon Multi-Founts are extremely vandal resistant. There are only three exposed fasteners and they require a hex key. The tough Terreon material and reliable infrared activation also discourage vandalism. Reliable fixtures are less likely to suffer from vandalism. Scratches and stains that don’t wash off with standard commercial or household cleaners can be removed with mild abrasives and the original finish can be restored with a maroon Scotch-Brite® pad. The Lexan widows for the infrared sensors are less than ¼” in diameter making them nearly impossible to break and they screw into the back side of the sprayhead so they cannot be removed from the front of the fixture.

The Multi-Founts are available in twenty-nine Terreon and TerreonRE colors to fit any restroom design. There are eleven standard colors, with ten designer colors and eight TerreonRE colors available for a small up charge. The Terreon Multi-Founts are available in two, three, or four station models and require less wall space than a comparable number of conventional lavatories. Wall mounted versions of the three and four station models are available to make floor cleaning easier.

For their aesthetics, safety, reliability, durability, vandal resistance, and color selection the Terreon Multi-Fount are simply best hand washing fixtures available for schools.

Author: Arnie Wilke, Sr. Product Applications Manager, Bradley Corporation