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Dick’s Sporting Goods Park is the home to the Colorado Rapids Major League Soccer Club and is the world’s largest professional soccer complex. This state-of-the-art complex has an 18,000 seat stadium and 24 practice fields. Among the various high-tech amenities that the owner, Kroenke Sports Enterprises, choose to incorporate into the stadium, Bradley’s Bradmar sold plastic toilet partitions made the cut.

The biggest draw for Bradmar partitions is that they are made out of one-inch think high-density polyethylene plastic. This plastic makes the partition resistant to moisture damage, odors, dents, broken doors and graffiti.  Mike Rock, General Manager or Arena Operations stated “Opposing Teams tend to take out their anger on the locker room facilities. Metal partitions can be easily dented.”

Dick’s Sporting Goods Park is pleased with their new Bradmar partitions. “I’ve checked every base – maintenance, engineering, the cleaning staff and construction crew – everyone has only positive things to say about the performance of our Bradmar toilet partitions,” Mike Rock, General Manager, Arena Operations.


Pepperdine University, in Malibu, California, had lockers that had seen better days. The old metal lockers that were in the water sports locker rooms, as well as in the general locker rooms were outdated, and due to high traffic and water, they were very worn down. Pepperdine’s solution to their problem was installing Bradley’s Lenox Lockers.
Lenox Lockers are made out of highly durable materials that can stand up to the harshest environments and damage.
Heetland explained that his goal during the renovation was to use quality products as well as adding some “pizzazz” to the design. “From a recruitment perspective, it’s important that our locker rooms are furnished with quality materials and products. They also need to be clean and well-maintained and stand the test of time.”
Another perk about Bradley’s Lockers is that they are ‘green‘. “We’ve been making an effort to ‘color’ our facilities green, so when we learned that Lenox Lockers are comprised of recycled material that’s also very durable, we knew it would be a positive choice” explained Dave Heetland of Pepperdine University.
Pepperdine University is very happy with their Lenox Lockers. Since installation they have had only positive feedback from maintenance and students alike.

georgia aquarium

Today, the Georgia Aquarium is recognized as the largest aquarium in the United States. It features more animals than any other aquarium in more than ten million gallons of water. Over the years, Georgia Aquarium has attracted more than eleven million visitors and employs more than 400 employees and has maintained over 2,000 volunteers. The Aquarium is an entertaining, educational and great place for all ages to enjoy!

The back-house-areas are an important part of the Aquarium’s world class operations, and lockers play an important role behind the scenes in a number of key areas: the employee break room, veterinary services, animal husbandry and dive operations. Since there is a high level of water and salt the lockers needed to be plastic and durable. Bradley’s Lenox Lockers were the ideal choice for the Georgia Aquarium because they are unaffected by moisture and humidity. The textured surface of the plastic doesn’t show dirt or water spots. The best outcome for the Aquarium has been that the lockers hold up and and the Lenox Lockers have required zero maintenance. Mike Hurst the director of engineering and plant operations for the Georgia Aquarium has nothing but positive feedback about the Lenox Lockers. “We’ve had no issues and they’re holding up well to a lot of use. In the diver’s locker room, the lockers hold wet gear everyday and they’re performing very well.” For more information on Bradley Corporation and products visit


History photo

Since 1921, Bradley’s products have been American made.Headquartered in Wisconsin, Bradley serves the commercial, industrial, health care, recreation, education, and corrections markets worldwide. It all began in 1917 when Harry Bradley (founder of Bradley Corporation) wanted a way to reduce time at the sink, and help workers wash their hands at a faster pace throughout their work day. By 1918, the washfountain was created and essentially built the way to Bradley’s success. In the company’s first year of business 15 washfountains were sold. Today, more than 1 million washfuontains are installed worldwide. Over the years, Bradley has grown to be one of the industry’s leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing fixtures and washroom accessories. Bradley Corporation today is the industry’s most comprehensive source for plumbing fixtures, washroom accessories, partitions, emergency fixtures and solid plastic lockers. 

4th of Julyold bradley building

In 2011, Bradley celebrated 90 years of business. Today, the 5th Mullett generation Bryan, Erik and Christopher lead the company, and continue Bradley’s great legacy of leadership, innovation and growth.

Happy Friday to you all! You know that feeling you get when you come up with the perfect solution. It’s that “Ah-ha” moment. Our caveman here experienced just that when he” created ” the world’s very first water dispenser. And thousands of years later, Bradley had the bright idea to develop the washfountain. Now, there are more than a million washfountains installed worldwide!

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Bradley’s Flashback Friday
Each Friday, a little piece of Bradley Corporation’s history will be showcased on our blog. Most of these flashback features will be fun, historic advertisements and catalog covers of Bradley products. Stay tuned each week for something different!

Bradley ColorSpec iPhone app logoDid you know Bradley’s iPhone app, ColorSpec, was updated earlier this year? The app acts as a digital material sample case on your iPhone app, and lets you browse through our Terreon and Evero materials in situations where you might not have a physical sample case with you. The recent updates include our ADEX Platinum award-winning Evero Pearl Series colors.

iPhone showing the homescreen of the Bradley ColorSpec App

Of course you’re going to want to confirm with real sample chips to ensure the best restroom designs. Even an iPhone isn’t color-correct. Just imagine trying to keep it calibrated!

This app is more targeted at situations where inspiration strikes and you want to see some color options. You can save your material selections, choose colors to go along with it, and send them to yourself or your client. There is also an application gallery included to help inspire you, and an option to find a local rep or distributor if you want to ask some questions.

If you don’t have the ColorSpec app, download it today from the Apple® App Store. If you have an older version, be sure to update the app to see the new colors.


To celebrate Earth Day this year we wanted to share some easy tips to help you keep your lawns and gardens healthy and beautiful the natural way:

  • Vinegar is a great natural substitute for chemical weed killer and it’s sustainable and inexpensive
  • After mowing, leave grass clippings on the lawn as a natural fertilizer
  • Replace annual plants with native perennials to save you money and time

 Share your Earth Day tips with us. What are some other natural way we can keep our gardens looking beautiful?

blog photo

Happy Friday to you all! This Flashback Friday photo is from the 80’s, but is very futuristic. The black background makes me think of outer space and facet at the top of the page reminds me of a space ship. The showers, eyewash station and lavatory system all look like orbits. This is the most space age chic ad that Bradley has every made. I love it! What do you think?


Bradley’s Flashback Friday

Each Friday, a little piece of Bradley Corporation’s history will be showcased on our blog. Most of these flashback features will be fun, historic advertisements and catalog covers of Bradley products. Stay tuned each week for something different!

The Bradvan was spotted outside the Port of Los Angeles, the largest and most lucrative port in the United States. Bradley’s Verge lavatory system, washroom accessories, and partitions will be installed at the port. Very exciting! Six Bradley Bradvans are scattered across the country. If you spot one, be sure to upload a picture and tell us about it!


ISH 2013 is going great!  People are enjoying the products and displays here at Booth K46. Specifically, the Advocate is a big hit.  Lots of people love the sleek design and functional touchless features. A faucet, soap, and hand dryer ALL-IN-ONE. It’s the sink that makes sense. What are some of your favorite Bradley displays at ISH?

ISH blog image

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