Bradley products are installed close to our Bradley Corporation Headquarters! St. Mary Parish School in Menomonee Falls, WI founded in 1905 has nearly 400 students. Kids across America are now back in school and it’s important to keep in mind that hygiene in restrooms is essential with the cold season approaching. In 2004, St. Mary Parish School began their renovation project. They had issues in the past of keeping restrooms clean and they wanted to reduce their concerns by providing students with a sanitary restroom and essentially a place that looks welcoming. Also, they wanted to reduce the stress on parents who worried about their children’s risk of using dirty, old restrooms. Their solution was to include Bradley products.

The new restrooms for the students include the three-station SS-Series Express Lavatory System which have provided durability and reduced maintenance for the school. It is ideal for students because they are able to quickly wash their hands between classes and before lunch. In addition to the new lavatories, Mills® Bradmar toilet partitions and other accessories were specified to complete the restrooms’ transformation. Dave Ciepluch Director of building & ground at St. Mary Parish says he encourages facility managers to go the Bradley route. “The benefits of a group handwashing system far outweigh installing individual wall-hung china sinks. The continuous bowl is easier to clean because there’s only one area to scrub, there’s less mess because the built-in soap dispensers are right over the bowl, and they’re safer because there’s no water on the floor.” says Ciepluch. Overall Bradley bathrooms for education facilities are a better long term solution. Good luck to all the students back in school this September!

ST. MARY ss lav


Back to school is right around the corner and that means making sure that you and or your children are ready for the upcoming year. Gathering school supplies, memorizing your schedule and picking out the perfect first day of school outfit is a yearly ritual many students go through. Not only do parents and students have to go through a check list of to-dos before the educational year starts, but schools also do their part by making sure the facilities are up-to-date and safe for students.

Offering a wide array of products to fit laboratory, restroom and locker room needs, Bradley is the go-to company that schools across the globe look to for their facility updates. At Grange Technology College – Bradford in West Yorkshire, UK, Sentry Washfountains replaced the outdated and damaged fixtures. Facility Manager, Melanie Royale stated “Sentry Washfoutains are modern looking and a little out of the ordinary, which certainly satisfied the students’ requirements. The Washfountain concept also met our need for a heavy-duty fixture and a need to conserve water.”

In Indianapolis, Indiana, the Washington Township School System took on the challenge to replace paper hand towels with touchless hand dryers throughout the entire school district. After installation of Bradley’s Aerix Hand Dryers, Phil Smith, Director of Operations told Bradley “When you look at the big picture, Aerix hand dryers have substantially reduced our facility costs. In just the 18 months that we’ve used Aerix hand dyers, the reductions we’ve seen in both electricity and maintenance expenses have been remarkable.”

Washfountain_Grange School_UK

Closer to home, there are many schools here in Wisconsin that currently use Bradley products. At the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee one can find 27 Bradley recessed wall-mounted combination drench shower and eyewash units at the Lapham Hall research facility. The installation doubled the amount of safety fixtures in the building and the Department of Bio-sciences can rest assured that their students are safe. In Menomonee Falls at St. Mary Parish School all restrooms on the first and second floor were completely gutted to make room for a brand new design. The school installed Bradley’s Express Lav System instead of traditional china sinks. David Ciepluch, Director of building and grounds stated “I would definitely encourage facility managers to go the Bradley route. The benefits of a group hand washing system far outweigh installing individual wall-hung china sinks.”

Whether it is across the globe or right here in Wisconsin, Bradley Corporation has helped many schools, colleges and universities keep their washroom facilities clean and “green.”

EFX UWMilwaukee WI 1        Express SS Lav System_St Mary School_WI


The University of Texas is home to one of the most renowned Olympic-sized competition pools in the world. The Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swim Center is home to many elite level athletes and hosts nearly 40 national level swim competitions every year. Because of such high traffic, it is important that facilities, such as the locker rooms, are in pristine condition and are ready to withstand the moist and humid environment.

In 2007, the Swim Center initiated a month long renovation of the Center’s locker rooms. Charles Logan, Director of the Jamail Texas Swim Center stated “Our old metal lockers were plagued with terrible rust issues. My top goals for this renovation were to improve the overall look of the locker room, use sturdy lockers proven to uphold daily wear and tear – even in a moist and harsh area like a swimming area – and, ultimately, increase the overall satisfaction of those who visit our facility.”

All of the old and rusted metal lockers were replaced with Burnt Orange and White colored Bradley Lenox Lockers. These highly durable lockers were the perfect solution because they are made out of solid high-density polyethylene that is unaffected by by moisture, humidity, chlorine, and even odors!

The Jamail Texas Swim Center couldn’t be happier with their decisions to install Bradley’s Lenox Lockers.” Aside from their durability, they were very easy to install because they are shipped in one solid piece so they’re ready to go after unpacking. Plus, the lockers have been easy to clean and maintain – markers and dirt can be wiped right off with a rag and regular cleaning solution. Needless to say our staff has been very pleased.”

Lockers_UTAustin TX_1

The end of summer is approaching fast and it’s important to get in all those last minute fun activities before it’s back to school time. When planning your next summer fun day, be sure to visit Madison Children’s Museum located at 100 N. Hamilton Street on Madison’s Capitol Square. Madison Children’s Museum is dedicated to ensuring all families have a positive experience during their visit to the museum. The museum was built with the intention of inspiring families to pursue green practices in their own lives, the museum took on the challenge to “go beyond green” in its building design.

Childrens Museum

A variety of Bradley’s restroom fixtures, which conserve water, energy and natural resources, proved to be a perfect choice for the restrooms, says Ruth Shelly, Executive Director, MCM. Five of the museum’s restrooms feature Bradley’s Express® MG Lavatory Systems made of Terreon®RE, a solid surface material comprised of a bio-based resin, pre-consumer recycled granule fillers and other natural materials. MCM actively involves their visitors in learning more about its sustainable elements with a “green tour”  scavenger hunt. Each restroom is also designed around a kid-chosen theme, such as vehicles, fruits and vegetables, and the night sky, which are conveyed by colorful ceramic tiles hand-crafted by students. Madison Children’s Museum is a must see this summer and don’t forget to check out the Bradley “green” products in all the restrooms!



Dick’s Sporting Goods Park is the home to the Colorado Rapids Major League Soccer Club and is the world’s largest professional soccer complex. This state-of-the-art complex has an 18,000 seat stadium and 24 practice fields. Among the various high-tech amenities that the owner, Kroenke Sports Enterprises, choose to incorporate into the stadium, Bradley’s Bradmar sold plastic toilet partitions made the cut.

The biggest draw for Bradmar partitions is that they are made out of one-inch think high-density polyethylene plastic. This plastic makes the partition resistant to moisture damage, odors, dents, broken doors and graffiti.  Mike Rock, General Manager or Arena Operations stated “Opposing Teams tend to take out their anger on the locker room facilities. Metal partitions can be easily dented.”

Dick’s Sporting Goods Park is pleased with their new Bradmar partitions. “I’ve checked every base – maintenance, engineering, the cleaning staff and construction crew – everyone has only positive things to say about the performance of our Bradmar toilet partitions,” Mike Rock, General Manager, Arena Operations.


Pepperdine University, in Malibu, California, had lockers that had seen better days. The old metal lockers that were in the water sports locker rooms, as well as in the general locker rooms were outdated, and due to high traffic and water, they were very worn down. Pepperdine’s solution to their problem was installing Bradley’s Lenox Lockers.
Lenox Lockers are made out of highly durable materials that can stand up to the harshest environments and damage.
Heetland explained that his goal during the renovation was to use quality products as well as adding some “pizzazz” to the design. “From a recruitment perspective, it’s important that our locker rooms are furnished with quality materials and products. They also need to be clean and well-maintained and stand the test of time.”
Another perk about Bradley’s Lockers is that they are ‘green‘. “We’ve been making an effort to ‘color’ our facilities green, so when we learned that Lenox Lockers are comprised of recycled material that’s also very durable, we knew it would be a positive choice” explained Dave Heetland of Pepperdine University.
Pepperdine University is very happy with their Lenox Lockers. Since installation they have had only positive feedback from maintenance and students alike.

georgia aquarium

Today, the Georgia Aquarium is recognized as the largest aquarium in the United States. It features more animals than any other aquarium in more than ten million gallons of water. Over the years, Georgia Aquarium has attracted more than eleven million visitors and employs more than 400 employees and has maintained over 2,000 volunteers. The Aquarium is an entertaining, educational and great place for all ages to enjoy!

The back-house-areas are an important part of the Aquarium’s world class operations, and lockers play an important role behind the scenes in a number of key areas: the employee break room, veterinary services, animal husbandry and dive operations. Since there is a high level of water and salt the lockers needed to be plastic and durable. Bradley’s Lenox Lockers were the ideal choice for the Georgia Aquarium because they are unaffected by moisture and humidity. The textured surface of the plastic doesn’t show dirt or water spots. The best outcome for the Aquarium has been that the lockers hold up and and the Lenox Lockers have required zero maintenance. Mike Hurst the director of engineering and plant operations for the Georgia Aquarium has nothing but positive feedback about the Lenox Lockers. “We’ve had no issues and they’re holding up well to a lot of use. In the diver’s locker room, the lockers hold wet gear everyday and they’re performing very well.” For more information on Bradley Corporation and products visit


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Since 1921, Bradley’s products have been American made.Headquartered in Wisconsin, Bradley serves the commercial, industrial, health care, recreation, education, and corrections markets worldwide. It all began in 1917 when Harry Bradley (founder of Bradley Corporation) wanted a way to reduce time at the sink, and help workers wash their hands at a faster pace throughout their work day. By 1918, the washfountain was created and essentially built the way to Bradley’s success. In the company’s first year of business 15 washfountains were sold. Today, more than 1 million washfuontains are installed worldwide. Over the years, Bradley has grown to be one of the industry’s leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing fixtures and washroom accessories. Bradley Corporation today is the industry’s most comprehensive source for plumbing fixtures, washroom accessories, partitions, emergency fixtures and solid plastic lockers. 

4th of Julyold bradley building

In 2011, Bradley celebrated 90 years of business. Today, the 5th Mullett generation Bryan, Erik and Christopher lead the company, and continue Bradley’s great legacy of leadership, innovation and growth.


Located in Chicago, O’Hare International Airport started off as Orchard Field in 1945 but was named O’Hare in 1949 in memory of Lt. Cmdr. Edward H. “Butch” O’Hare, a Medal of Honor recipient from Chicago who passed away serving in WWII. In 1955, O’Hare opened its gates to commercial traffic. From that moment, O’Hare boomed. Today, O’Hare International Airport intercepts nearly 76 million travelers each year. In 2012, O’Hare was honored with the Global Traveler Award for the Best Airport in North America for the 13th year in a row.

With so many people passing through the airport each day, amenities, such as the bathrooms, take a toll. O’Hare works hard to keep the airport modern while also leading the way in Green initiatives. So, when O’Hare was looking to update their restroom facilities, they turned to Bradley Corporation. O’Hare’s goal in renovation was to make the restrooms easier to maintain while better serving users’ needs. Cracked china sinks were replaced with the Frequency Lavatory Systems and other outdated fixtures were replaced with new Bradley washroom accessories. With the lower level sink the Frequency Lavatory System is ADA and TAS compliant. Raymond Campbell, plumbing foreman for O’Hare stated “These lavatories are much easier to install than a bank of individual china sinks, and Bradley provided helpful solutions along the way. Customers have given us a lot of positive feedback about the new look of the restrooms with these lavatories. They’re easy to use and give the restroom a completely different look.”



Summerfest is an iconic symbol of summer here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Since 1968 Summerfest has been attracting artists and music lovers of all kinds. Summerfest got its start back in the 1960s as a festival that would mimic the Oktoberfest celebration in Munich, Germany. Today, Summerfest houses 11 stages with over 800 acts and over 1,000 performances across 24 acres along the coast of Lake Michigan. Nearly 900,000 visitors attend from all over the world to participate in this rich Milwaukee tradition. 

However, every great show needs a great crew and that is where Bradley comes in. From 2011 to 2012 the Summerfest grounds underwent a major renovation spending $34 million on updating 2 music venues, VIP decks, restaurants, entrance gates and plazas, parking lots and of course the RESTROOMS. Behind the scenes at Summerfest, Bradley products can be found in every bathroom. They include Bradley’s Multi-Founts, OmniDecks, Bradmar 100% Recycled Partitions, stainless steel washroom accessories and Verge Lavatory Systems. According to Robert J. Gosse, AIA, Summerfest’s Director of Design and Construction, “Restrooms are a direct reflection on any establishment, whether it’s a fancy restaurant or music festival. Our goal was to raise the level of design in our restrooms a few notches to heighten our patrons’ overall experience.”


With Bradley products gracing every restroom at Summerfest, the public restroom experience should be more pleasant at this year’s festival. To find a map of the Summerfest Grounds (complete with locations of all restrooms) Click Here