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Back in April of 2002 on a block between St. James Street and Mit Stegall Drive in Winnipeg, Canada, you would have stumbled upon a demolition scene that gave the feeling that you were in a post-apocalyptic time. However, on a gray day in April, amongst the rubble, a passerby found something rather interesting. A Bradley Washfountain was the lone survivor of the demolition of the Canada Metal Complex.

1 5

The original Washfountain dates back to 1921. This revolutionary product changed handwashing in many factories and commercial washrooms. Each Bradley Washfountain could replace eight china sinks saving water, space and break time spent in the washroom.  It is no surprise that Canada Metal installed a Bradley Washfountain in their complex, but the mystery is why was it saved? Where is it now?

Using pictures the passerby provided, it was easy to locate the address of the picture taken in 2002.  As you can tell by the picture below there is a business named “Best West Pet Foods” near the location of the Fountain. A search provided an address and thanks to Google Earth a picture of the area 10 years later is also shown below. The rubble is gone and in its place is a large parking lot serving a “Real Canadian Superstore”. The Bradley Washfountain is since gone but the small blue box on the 2012 picture gives you an idea of where it would have been located 10 years ago.


April 13th, 2002


Street View_4_2012

May 2012, Google Earth


Did someone think it was too unique destroy? Was it going to be recycled? Or, did the construction guys just become too lazy to move it the last 20 yards to the dumpster? Why the fountain was sitting there amongst the destruction we might never know. However, this picture illustrates the craftsmanship, innovation and quality Bradley invests into every one of its products. Even amid chaos, Bradley products stand strong.


ISH 2013 is going great!  People are enjoying the products and displays here at Booth K46. Specifically, the Advocate is a big hit.  Lots of people love the sleek design and functional touchless features. A faucet, soap, and hand dryer ALL-IN-ONE. It’s the sink that makes sense. What are some of your favorite Bradley displays at ISH?

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Doha International Airport, Doha, Qatar

Bradley product managers, Connie Beuche and Jon Villwock, recently joined Tom Willis, international sales manager, in a trip to assist in Bradley product training and assess market opportunities in the Qatar, Kuwait and UAE.

Tom, Connie, and Jon had the opportunity to tour projects at the Doha International Airport and Ahmadi Hospital that include Bradley products. They also visited with our traders in those countries including:

Bradley partitions in restrooms of Doha International Airport

Taylos Trading, HOW United, Sultaco, Hassan Abul and met with local architects and consultants to discuss new opportunities.

The trio were also able to attended a 2-day ARC-ME event in Abu Dhabi. Sultaco supported the event with product from their showroom and installation support from their offices.

Bradley installers, Sultaco, Abu Dhabi

Tom, Connie, and Jon would like to say thank you to everyone they met on the trip!

Please let us know if you would like Bradley to come visit you!